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200 Fantastic Sudoku Puzzles – Book One



This is the first in a series of five books comprising 200 fantastic Sudoku puzzles.  Difficulty Rating: Easy

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200 Fantastic Sudoku Puzzles – Book One is the Puzzle Emporium featured book for this month simply because it’s the very first of our new publications.  It is the simplest and least challenging of our five new books but should bring hours of fun to the Sudoku beginner.

This is the first in a series of five exciting new Sudoku books being published by Puzzle Emporium. Each book contains 200 Sudoku puzzles, with solutions, that come in five different difficulty levels. The levels of difficulty are easy, medium, hard and very hard with the final book containing random puzzles that are mixed in their awkwardness! This particular book is aimed mainly at the Sudoku novice with puzzles that could be described as easy. Have fun and, if you enjoy our book, please investigate some of the other Puzzle Emporium publications.


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